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Maryse Bourlard-Jospin; Serge Nicaise; Juliette Venel
Approximation of the two-dimensional Dirichlet problem by continuous and discrete problems on one-dimensional networks
Confluentes Mathematici, 7 no. 1 (2015), p. 13-33, doi: 10.5802/cml.16
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Class. Math.: 35R02, 35B40, 65N30

Résumé - Abstract

We show that the solution of the two-dimensional Dirichlet problem set in a plane domain is the limit of the solutions of similar problems set on a sequence of one-dimensional networks as their size goes to zero. Roughly speaking this means that a membrane can be seen as the limit of rackets made of strings. For practical applications, we also show that the solutions of the discrete approximated problems (again on the one-dimensional networks) also converge to the solution of the two-dimensional Dirichlet problem.


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eISSN : 1793-7434