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folder Volume 10, number 2 (2018)

Christophe Cornut
On Harder-Narasimhan filtrations and their compatibility with tensor products
p. 3-49 Details
Carlo Pandiscia
Reversible part of quantum dynamical systems: A review
p. 51-74 Details
Jouni Parkkonen; Frédéric Paulin
A classification of $\protect \mathbb{R}$-Fuchsian subgroups of Picard modular groups
p. 75-92 Details
Nicolas Seguin
Stability of stationary solutions of singular systems of balance laws
p. 93-112 Details
folder Volume 10, number 1 (2018)
folder Volume 9, number 2 (2017)
eISSN : 1793-7434