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folder Volume 9, number 2 (2017)
folder Volume 9, number 1 (2017)
folder Volume 8, number 2 (2016)

Philippe Caldero
Cône nilpotent sur un corps fini et $q$-séries hypergéométriques
(Nilpotent cone over a finite field and hypergeometric $q$-series)
p. 3-22 Details
Antoine Lemenant
Rectifiability of non Euclidean planar self-contracted curves
p. 23-38 Details
Ayman Kachmar; Pierig Keraval; Nicolas Raymond
Weyl formulae for the Robin Laplacian in the semiclassical limit
p. 39-57 Details
Matteo Viale
Forcing the truth of a weak form of Schanuel’s conjecture
p. 59-83 Details
eISSN : 1793-7434