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folder Volume 10, number 1 (2018)
folder Volume 9, number 2 (2017)
folder Volume 9, number 1 (2017)

Vincent Beck; Cédric Lecouvey
Additive combinatorics methods in associative algebras
p. 3-27 Details
David Bourqui; Julien Sebag
The Drinfeld-Grinberg-Kazhdan Theorem for formal schemes and singularity theory
p. 29-64 Details
Mickaël Dos Santos
Characteristic functions on the boundary of a planar domain need not be traces of least gradient functions
p. 65-93 Details
Masseye Gaye; Cheikh Lo
Sur l’inexistence d’ensembles minimaux pour le flot horocyclique
(On the non-existence of minimal sets for the horocycle flow)
p. 95-104 Details
Denis Serre
The role of the Hilbert metric in a class of singular elliptic boundary value problems in convex domains
p. 105-117 Details
eISSN : 1793-7434